ACDM Webinars - CDISC I & II


Course overview

This course will enable data management professionals to understand the current state of CDISC standards, how these standards are defined and maintained, their practical application in the clinical environment and how data management can benefit from them.

Who should attend?

Data management professionals who are involved in designing or reviewing paper and/or electronic CRFs, setting up databases, receiving or sending electronic data transfers. Those responsible for managing or co-ordinating these tasks or anyone who needs to understand CDISC standards for their role.



CDISC as an organization
- History of the organization
- Who is running CDISC?
- How are new standards defined and how are existing standards maintained?

Overview of Standardisation
- Benefits of standards
- Content vs. exchange/transport standards
- XML for dummies

Overview of CDISC Standards
- What are they?
- How are they related to one another?
- How can they benefit data management?C

CDISC Standards
- History of each standard
- What is it for and practical application?
- Where are we now?
- What's next?


- CDISC Standards (continued)

- Foundation Standards
  - XML Transport
    - ODM
    - SDM
    - Define.xml
  - Data Collection
    - CDASH
    - LAB 

- Data Tabulation
   - SDTM
   - SEND

- Statistical Analysis
   - ADaM

- Semantics
   - Glossary
   - Controlled Terminologies

- Therapeutic Area Standards

- Healthcare link

By the end of this course you will:
• Be able to describe the benefits of CDISC standards
• Understand how CDISC is governed as an organization
• Understand the general process used by CDISC to develop and maintain standards
• Explain which CDISC standards have the most direct impact on data management activities
• Describe what each CDISC standard is for and their practical application
• Understand how each different CDISC standard is related to the others

Webinar format

This course is delivered in two 90 minute interactive webinars, with short assignments to complete between the sessions. Participants are encouraged to share ideas and experiences and bring their real-life experiences to the course.

Webinar Details:

Date: Monday 18 May & Friday 25 September 2015
Time: 12:00 – 13:30 GMT
Duration: 90 minutes
Venue: MeetingZone
Instructor: Iain Barnden

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