ACDM Hot Topic Discussion - The NEW Life for your OLD Clinical Data - 12 May 2017


What happens to the clinical study data that Data Management Professionals so diligently work on? In some instances, requests are made to share the information to help accelerate new drug discoveries that may lead to avoiding the need to duplicate trials. However, the sharing of this data is not without risk, burden, or challenges. The protection of privacy, honoring the consent of clinical trial participants, safeguard the legitimate economic interests of sponsors and guard against invalid  secondary analyses which could undermine trust in clinical trials and perhaps harm the public.

Join us for this fascinating hot topic discussion to discover what happens to YOUR old data and its NEW life and hopefully provide context to some of the following common questions:

Who are likely candidates to request your data?
What happens when a request comes through? 
Why are they requesting your data and how is the request reviewed for scientific merit?
How your data is anonymised for data sharing purposes?
How the data is shared and how it is accessed?
Who will analyse your study data?
What success stories have there been / or could there be on analysis of that data?
What are the benefits or risks for sharing clinical data for a) sponsors b) clinicians?

Hosted by members from the GSK and Roche Data Sharing Teams

Why not join us to discuss this interesting topic and give us your perspective and share your experiences with others across the industry on 12th May @ 1pm GMT - Please note the change of date

These interactive sessions will be totally FREE to all and will be around an hour long.

To take part in the teleconference discussion, please email to confirm your attendance to the host – Ian Pinto, who will provide you with dial in details.

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