Hot Topic Discussion - Have you assessed your systems and processes for regulatory compliance?


Ever wondered if there is a single document that could condense everything that you worry about when being involved with using Electronic Medical or Health Records as Source for Clinical Research activities? And that whether you work at a Site or a CRO/ARO or a Sponsor or a system vendor solution?.

Click on the image above to watch the video "eSRA Evaluation of GCP Compliance by eClinical Forum"

eSRA is a free and reliable risk assessment toolkit to help you assess your systems and processes for regulatory compliance.

Why not join us to discuss this interesting topic, being led by Ioannis Karageorgos from BMS and give us your perspective and share your experiences with others across the industry on Thursday 3rd November @ 12pm GMT

These interactive session will be totally FREE of charge to ACDM members and will be around an hour long.

To take part in the teleconference discussion, please email to confirm your attendance to the host, who will provide you with dial in details

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