Coding and Dictionaries SIG
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Coding and Dictionaries SIG

Our Aims:

  • To share information about MedDRA and WHODRUG, this can range from current user issues to learning how other groups use the dictionaries
  • To learn from the experience of others
  • To interact with the group and participate at meetings
  • To ensure we keep up to date with developments within the coding industry including technologies and system upgrades
  • To raise the profile of coding as a specialist area
  • To try to ensure coding consistency across the industry
  • To help improve MedDRA and try to influence MSSO
  • Help develop coding expertise within the industry and 'educate' investigators on being MedDRA aware
Over the years we've had meetings in England, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium and Switzerland. We've had presentations from DIA, MSSO, UMC, industry and therapeutic area experts plus many more and some of the best presentations have been provided by the members of the SIG themselves.
Ideally we should have a minimum of 2 per year and following discussions at the last live meeting it was agreed that one of these should be a live / face to face meeting and at least one teleconference / webinar.

If you want to join the Coding and Dictionaries SIG or just wish to contact us please email:

SIG Meetings

If you would like any more information about the coding SIG or would like to attend any meetings, please contact either of the co-chairs, Jo Staniforth ( or Claudine Gontier (

It is free to attend SIG Meetings if you are an ACDM member.

For suggestions and ideas for future live or WebEx meetings please contact the SIG chairs Jo Staniforth on or Claudine Gontier (