Membership Categories

There shall be seven classes of membership.

(a) Ordinary Membership

Ordinary Membership shall be open to employees of the Worldwide Pharmaceutical Industry, who are directly involved in clinical or other bio-medical data management. This includes, without limitation, employees from pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies and Contract Research Organisations and data managers and related employees from academic institutions. The job functions of such employees may include the following:

• Case Report Form Design
• Global Standards Management
• Data Entry
• Data Management (e.g. query resolution, quality control)
• Laboratory/Special Data Management (e.g. ECG)
• Local Line Management (no hands on CDM)
• Database Design/Clinical Programming
• Application Support
• Coding/Dictionary Management
• Business Development/Marketing
• Training
• Global/Department Management (no hands on CDM)
• Currently on a Career Break from one or more of the CDM functions noted above, or not working due to maternity leave, garden leave, or redundancy

(b) Associate Membership

The following shall be eligible for Associate Membership: Other employees of the Worldwide Pharmaceutical Industry, including Biotech Companies and Contract Research Organisations, whose job function is within disciplines related to Clinical Data Management including, without limitation, data managers and related employees from academic institutions. These related disciplines may include the following:

• Clinical Research/Operations/Science
• Regulatory Affairs
• Quality Assurance
• Statistics
• Information Technology (IS/IT)

(c) Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership will be awarded as described in point 1.8. An Honorary Member will have all the rights and privileges assigned to Ordinary Members as documented in this By-law.

(d) Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership will be open to employees of other support organisations or other parties with an interest in Clinical Data Management (e.g. recruitment organisations). Affiliates will be ineligible to vote on ACDM matters or to stand for election as Director. Affiliates will not have access to the online ‘Membership Database’. The Directors may decide not to send other documentation to Affiliates at its discretion.

(e) Corporate Membership

Companies and other corporate bodies will be open to purchase corporate membership packages to enable them to sponsor an agreed number of individual employees based at a single corporate/company address to become Members where such individuals fall into the categories of membership described at 1.1(a) to (d) or 1.1(g) of these by-laws. Such companies shall be known as Corporate Sponsors and shall be entitled to place an advertisement, exhibit their services at a meeting, provide sponsorship of an ACDM product, or any other service which would benefit the membership of its Sponsored Employees subject always to payment of such charges as are agreed with ACDM in relation to such matters. Corporate Sponsors are not Members and will have no rights as a Member. The individuals sponsored by a Corporate Sponsor shall be known as Corporate Members and shall have the rights and privileges assigned to Ordinary Members, Associate Members, Honorary Members Affiliate Members or Overseas Members as applicable.

(f) Student Membership

 Student Membership will be open to students who are in full time education. A Student Member will have all the rights and privileges assigned to Ordinary Members.

 (g) Overseas Membership

Overseas Membership will be open to employees from overseas companies, organisations and academic institutions of the Worldwide Pharmaceutical Industry based outside the European Union and the USA including Biotech Companies and Contract Research Organisations whose job functions fall within the descriptions set out for Ordinary or Associate Members. An Overseas Member will have all the rights and privileges assigned to Ordinary or Associate Members as the case may be.

1.2 In this By-law, references to ‘Member’ shall refer to Ordinary, Associate, Honorary, Corporate, Student and Overseas Members. ‘Affiliate’ shall refer to Affiliate Members.  

1.3 All Members shall have the right to vote. All Members and Affiliates shall be entitled to attend and speak at General Meetings.
1.4 In the event of a change in employment or, in the case of Student Members, ceasing to be in full time education, membership status of Members and Affiliates will be adjusted accordingly by the Board of Directors.
1.5 In the event that the job function of a proposed Member does not fall into one of the categories referred to above the Directors shall, in their absolute discretion, determine whether the proposed Member qualifies for membership and, if so, whether he/she qualifies for Ordinary Membership or Associate Membership.
1.6 No Member, Affiliate or Director may act on behalf of the Company without the express permission of the Directors.
1.7 The Directors shall be empowered to suspend the membership of any Member or Affiliate or Corporate Member whose conduct is judged in the sole discretion of the Directors to conflict with the objects of the Company.
1.8 Any Member of the Company may submit a nomination to the Directors for the award of Honorary Membership to be conferred in recognition of outstanding service to the Company. Honorary Membership will give the individual privileges of Ordinary Membership of the Company for life without subscription. An award of Honorary Membership, approved by the Directors, will be made at the next Annual General Meeting of the Company.

The membership year runs from 1st September to 31st August.

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